Easy and Enjoyable Farming
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Reason for Living through Effortless Farming
Ueno Nursery(Ltd.) aims for and porposes“Easy farming”that can be continued throughout one’s lifetime.

1.Suspended tomato cultivation

"Suspended tomato cultivation″is a hydroponic farming system; therefore, unlike open-field cultivation, it does not require a large amount of heavy labor (for weeding, plowing, and soil management, for instance). Also, with this system of cultivation, vegetation is grown in spase separated from the ground surface, which frees workers from painful work that involves "bending over″and minimizes damage from harmful insects and disease from the soil.
One characteristic of tomatoes is that they become sweeter when they are subjected to moisture stress (waterdeficiency). Since the suspended cultivation system is a system that places the roots of vegetation in the air, moisture stress (water deficiency) can easily be applied. Moreover, there is no need to worry about linked damage.
To farmers, suspended tomato cultivation is "easy″.And to retirees who are considering the agriculture industry as a meaningful way to spend the post-retirement phase of their lives,it provides"enjoyment″through participation.

2.Hydroponic farming equipment
Ceiling suspension(tomato cultivation)

The tomato roots are located inside pipes that are arranged in the ceiling. A nutriment solution is intermittently provided to the tomato roots, artificially creating a state of moisture stress (water deficiency).
Also, utilizing the characteristic that warm air collects in the top part of the house, the cultivation apparatus is set at a height of 2 meters, enabling growth to occur in the warm air in the upper part of the house. Thus, it is an energy-conserving system of cultivation.

Each Sunday for the past 20 years, a "producer's Sunday
market″has been held at Ueno Nursery in the clear space underneath the tomatoes.
There, together with local farmers, the unrsery has sold vegetables and cut flowers.
With the open space under the tomatoes utilized as a place for interaction with residents of the local community, the farmland can be put to use for fun and relaxation.

Vertical pipe suspension(tomato cultivation)

A large number of pipes for growing are placed vertically with respect to the ground, and the tomatoes are planted in implements that are attached to the walls of the pipes.
By intermittently providing a nutriment solution to the roots inside the pipes, a stat of moisture stress (water deficiency) is artificially created. Also, with this energy-conserving system of cultivation, cool air is fed directly to the roots inside the pips during the summer, and warm air is fed in during the winter.
Since growing occurs vertically, a larger harvest can be expected than that obtained through flat planting.
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